“After the War, our son had come home, but something was different. There were jarring silences, overreactions of annoyance and anger.  All his joy of life was lost, and we had to walk on eggshells. We are so grateful for the chance for him to leave the war behind, and to process and understand the experiences with his peers.  Thank you for bringing back our son!”
Parents of a combat soldier
“Joy, laughter, pleasure and serenity were returned to me. The strongest feeling of all when I returned from the journey was that I regained control over my life. My studies became clear again. My relationship with my girlfriend improved amazingly, and now thoughts about marriage are acceptable. For the first time since my injury I feel free. "
Paratrooper combat soldier in a few operations
“I wish more people in our situation were granted this important gift.”
soldier in Egoz (special division of Golani)
"The journey helped me make order in my head about the experiences I had. I’m so much calmer and quieter now.”
soldier in Egoz (special division of Golani)
"Due to Bshvil Hamachar, my amazing daughter woke up from the numbness of the senses in which she was confined. She realized that she is OK and ‘worthy’ just as she is. Bshvil Hamachar led her to be here and now in all her glory.”