Bshvil Hamachar (“Path To Tomorrow”) helps Israeli combat veterans
overcome their “invisible scars” through therapeutic group journeys in nature
so they can go on to live healthy, productive lives,
and contribute to and strengthen Israeli society. 

“Joy, laughter, pleasure and serenity were returned to me. I regained control over my life. My studies became clear again.  My relationship with my girlfriend improved amazingly, and now thoughts about marriage are acceptable.  For the first time since my injury I feel free.” Yotam, combat paratrooper


The long-term impact of wars, operations, and security breaches in Israel reach directly into the homes of many Israelis, especially those who went through very difficult combat and terrorist incident experiences as part of their service in the Israel Defense Forces.  These brave veterans, who gave so much of themselves and now need help, are the focus of Bshvil Hamachar (“Path To Tomorrow”.)

Veterans from all strata and demographics of society are served – Jews and non-Jews, religious and non-religious, men and women. They enroll voluntarily, are promised confidentiality, and agree to deal with the consequences of their battle experiences, which have usually been repressed. 

The primary “tool” is an 8-day group journey in nature, led by a psychologist and an outdoor therapist.  Through the program veterans gain emotional tools to process, cope, and “repackage” their internal scars with the support of people who went through the same or similar incidents.    The emphasis is on the veterans’ “resilience.” In addition, Bshvil Hamachar helps these veterans secure critically-needed assistance.

Since the program’s creation eleven years ago, over 1000 soldiers have been embraced by the program.  800 are currently approved and waiting to participate.