“Your help in making our trip happen was so important, and changed all of our lives. Without you, we would never have had the opportunity to make the journey and would have carried the pain with us our entire lives in a much more severe manner.”
Golani Division

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 Tax-deductible in Israel: "Bshvil Hamachar” Morad HaNahal 17 Hofit P.O. Box 260 40260*

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Bank HaPoalim Branch 680 260627

US Tax-Deductible

100% of funds will be sent through our US pipeline,* PEF.


Donate by credit card from Israel or the US using the Jgive website

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Donate by credit card

* In US tax-deductible contributions can be made through our pipeline, PEF, Inc. (100% of the funds go to Bshvil)
  Mail a check to: PEF, Inc.  630 Third Avenue, 15thfloor, New York, NY  10017
  Please clearly state your donation is for Bshvil Hamachar

1.    **Bshvil Hamachar is approved by the Israeli Tax Authority as a Not-for-Profit organization, with “46 A” certification.  Donations are tax-exempt in Israel. Tax-exempt contributions from the US is through PEF, Inc. or through JGIVE.

“Thanks to Bshvil Hamachar my amazing daughter woke up from the numbness of the senses in which she was confined. She realized she is OK and “worthy”, just as she is. Bshvil Hamachar led her to be here and now in all her glory.”