“I was a sergeant in a combat unit during the Second Lebanon War.  One soldier in our unit was killed. Others were wounded.  I finished my Army service feeling lost, and without the ability to cope with all the experiences and events I had undergone and witnessed.  For 6 years I managed to repress my thoughts, feelings, and pain.  My inability to cope, speak, and share was so difficult – I don’t wish it on my worst enemies.  I was bearing a wound. Not a physical wound, but something within my very soul.  Then I found Bshvil Hamachar.  It is hard for me to put into words how wonderful it is to have lost the “excess weight” I have been carrying around for so long.  I feel I have been liberated.  I respect, appreciate, and love everything you have done for me.  I can only hope many others with have the same opportunity.”
John Doe